These days most preferred organic fast food is – Green Smoothies. These are quick to make, easily prepared and 100% organic. With high nutritional content possessed by these drinks, it is very easy to consume it and gets easily assimilated by human body. Only raw fruits and vegetables are used to prepare green smoothies. For this reason, the nutrition value supplied by them is exceedingly high. The raw state or pre-digested food allows the nutrients to be readily absorbed by individuals. In order to make healthy and tasty smoothies, it is essential for people to make use of simple, natural and healthy ingredients.

Keeping the ingredients simple and organic will help people to digest these smoothies with full ease. Even the body will be equipped to better assimilate and digest the food when proportionate amount of ingredients are used in making a smoothie. People must employ only ‘green food’ in their smoothies. One most common smoothie recipe is made with kale and spinach. Hemp is another green vegetable that can be added in these smoothies. In addition to these ingredients, individuals can even add their preferred fruits. Adding such fruits will not only enhance the overall flavor of green smoothies but will also increase the overall nutritional content of the finally prepared dish.

One vital thing to remember is that healthy green smoothies can be prepared only if sugar is not added to it. Moreover, other artificial flavors such as honey, additives and sweet supplements must not be added to smoothies in order to make them retain their original nutrition content. The finest way to incorporate green smoothies in regular dietary regimen is to consume them just after waking up, or during workout or in evening. Berries, plums, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers are other vital ingredients that can be added to these drinks. No matter which ‘green food’ is being added, just make sure to blend them in balanced manner.  

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